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How this 26 years old from Delhi built a Rs. 2 crore business on Flipkart with just Rs. 2,000 in his pocket

Just three years after Vikas Kumar, a former accountant, started selling home decor products on Flipkart, the business'annual turnover touched Rs 1.5 Crore. This year, FY 2019-20, the company is expected to touch Rs. 2 Crore. For Vikas, Flipkart has been at the crux of his success story.

There was a time, while making sure about a 9-to-5 occupation was the primary desire of India's childhood. It carried with it monetary security, soundness and a consistent vocation development. 

Be that as it may, all that is antiquated now, so much that many even consider it to be an impulse. Furthermore, when a few people do find a new line of work, they don't consider it to be a long lasting profession. For them, it is a best, a learning stage before they can discover the chance to dive into business enterprise. It was the same for Vikas Kumar. Finishing his Bachelors of Commerce, the 21 years of age functioned as an accountant."I had a protected activity. In any case, it didn't bring me bliss," shares Vikas.

Stumbling on an opportunity by chance

Vikas shares that while he realized he needed to construct a profession past a 9 to 5 occupation, he didn't have a solid arrangement. However, what at that point appeared careless perusing on Flipkart, helped him detect a chance. "I was attracted to a little tab at the side of the screen that said - 'sell your item on Flipkart'. Along these lines, I clicked it. What's more, that is the point at which I understood that it isn't hard to begin an online business. Truth be told, a ton of the difficulties related with beginning a customary business don't exist here." 

He increased his examination to comprehend if there was merit in pressing together business on Flipkart.

("That is the point at which I saw that in the home stylistic theme classification, there were just 2,800 items. Furthermore, Flipkart in 2015, had more than 10 crore clients. This implied there were just a couple of item variations in a class that conceivably connected with such a wide crowd.")

On the other side, he understood the discount showcase in Delhi had a great deal more to offer. His mission to investigate and learn had regularly driven Vikas, during his school years, to the discount markets in New Delhi. He invested a great deal of energy understanding the market elements on ground. "That is the point at which it hit me that I could use my insight into the Delhi market and begin selling home stylistic theme items on Flipkart.

The Journey to becoming an online seller

In any case, the greatest preferred position was the way that it really didn't take a lot to begin his online endeavor

("From a lawful point of view, all I required was a GST declaration, a financial balance and a location. The GST affirmation also is free.")

On the underlying capital venture front as well, he understood he could begin little and afterward gradually develop. Thus, he set up all the lawful necessities and with an underlying speculation of Rs. 2,800 he began Crobat in 2015. He got his first request on the second day of beginning his excursion on Flipkart. 

At first, he concentrated on sourcing the items from the discount advertise in Delhi and selling it on Flipkart. Since the business began little, he put away the items at home. He even captured the pictures on his telephone. Gradually, the business got pace. Furthermore, with it, Vikas used his item portfolio. Before long, the request volumes flooded so much that he needed to lease a major shop to store the items and begin handling orders structure there. 

Today, Crobat's item list has more than 400 items, which are completely sourced structure better places. The wooden painstaking work are sourced from Saharanpur, metal handiworks are sourced from Aligarh and earth crafted works from Khurja. "We are adding another 150 new items to our portfolio. Furthermore, in particular, dealing with the plausibility of beginning in-house producing.

Finding a supportive business partner in Flipkart

Thinking about his excursion, he says, "Selling on the web is in reality extremely simple. It's not advanced science. One of the most significant elements that administers achievement is whether you have discovered the correct item to sell." However, he rushes to alert that the underlying excursion may have entanglements and knocks, particularly on the off chance that you are a first-time merchant. He says, "Flipkart offered me all of help I expected to succeed."

("Substanting his announcements he shares, "in the first place, I was just centered around sourcing and selling. I didn't know about the different boundaries on the stage. I confronted inconvenience since I didn't know about the benchmark of mistake abrogation. Today, it's a lot simpler. The dealer bolster groups from Flipkart helped me comprehend the essentialness of the verious boundaries and what I expected to do. When I got that, It got straightforward and clear.")

Also, he brings up that publicizing backing and vender advancements that Flipkart attempts for its dealer network additionally offered fillip to his business. 

With Flipkart giving monetary loaning support called 'Development Capital', an assistance that they started as of late, Vikas says getting advances for the business has gotten simpler.

("Flipkart has organizations with various banks and a few private moneylenders. You should simply go to the Growth Tab and apply for it. There is less documentation as a result of the association. Also, the financing costs also are in support of ourselves. This makes it exceptionally simple as it additionally sets aside on different visits to the banks.")

Reflecting the past and the future

Three years after he began Crobat, Vikas' yearly turnover contacted Rs. 1.5 crore. This year, FY 2019-20, the organization is required to contact Rs. 2 crore.

"This excursion started as low maintenance test. In any case, I chose to transform it into an undeniable profession. My family was fearful, be that as it may, I had the option to demonstrate the legitimacy in the thought and my capacity to maintain a business-in spite of the way that I didn't have a place with a customary business family. Through the span of time, my family has been my greatest emotionally supportive network."

Vikas not just has been running and developing his business however has additionally been contemplating. He as of late gave his MBA assessments. "While the standard is to choose a MBA and afterward start a business, I did it the other route round. It worked in support of myself as I generally needed to comprehend the speculations and essentials better. Furthermore, that is the reason I sought after a MBA." 

For Vikas, Flipkart has been at the essence of his example of overcoming adversity. With huge plans on the cards to quicken his business, Vikas trusts Flipkart will keep on being at the core of his field-tested strategies. Crobat not just needs to investigate the chance of in-house producing, yet in addition needs to begins a branch in Bengaluru since they oblige a great deal arranges from South India. 

On the individual front, turning into a dealer on Flipkart has encouraged Vikas to satisfy his fantasies. "I generally needed to claim a superbike. Presently I do. We presently live in a leased house and we are creeping nearer to our fantasy about living in our own home soon."

"Considering his excursion and the conceivable outcomes that lay ahead, Vikas shares, "It presumably would have been trying for me to turn into a business person, notwithstanding web based selling. What's more, notwithstanding turning into a business person, I don't know whether I would have satisfied any of these fantasies. If not for Flipkart, I wouldn't be the place I am today. Also, to think the excursion has recently started, discloses to you the potential outcomes that lie ahead."

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